Bathmate Hydromax found here is a suction-based penis enlargement device that increases the dimensions of your penis using a water-based suction technique. It is pretty simple to use and follows a linear methodology to stretch your muscles, causing micro-tears and eventually leading to their growth.

Here are some quick FAQs that can clear all your doubts regarding this product:


How does the Bathmate Hydromax Pump work?


The device contains four parts:

  • Pump
  • Vacuum motor
  • Tube
  • Release value

One only needs to place the penis inside the tube and use the pump to squeeze air/water out to relax the muscles causing blood to flow into the penis. This creates an instant erection helping one perform sexual intercourse without hesitation. The cumulative, long-term effect is that the penis’ length and girth also increase.


Can it increase the length of the penis?


While the main job of penis pumps is to enhance the strength of an erection, there is compelling evidence proving that continued use of these devices, such as the Hydromax, can enhance penile length.


By redirecting blood towards one area, the penile muscles are stretched and eventually expand. Usually, the length increment depends on one’s pumping frequency. On average, men report an increase of up to 2 inches in length and an increase of up to 3 inches in circumference.


Is the elongation permanent?


You will observe a permanent increase in length if you use the device diligently. However, to achieve remarkable improvement, one needs to use it consistently. The penis is mainly composed of muscles. Just like you go to the gym to keep your abs toned up, you need to maintain a regular pumping routine for the results to be permanent. Otherwise, your muscle tone may diminish if you use the pump for a short time and stop.


How long is it desirable to use the product for optimal use?


The longer you spend pumping, the better outcome. The recommended pumping session lasts 30 minutes and 1 hour. We recommend dividing the sessions into 15 minutes each with 5 minutes of rest.


Is there any risk of injury or damage?


The pump works gently without posing any risk to your delicate organs. However, some people apply too much pressure or pump for hours to speed up gains. In such severe cases, pressure can build up, rupturing the delicate capillaries that supply blood to the penis. Another potential risk is the wall that protects the erectile chambers, which provide a rock-hard erection. Luckily, there is a 0% risk of injury with correct usage.


Are the Bathmate Hydromax Enlargement pumps medically approved?


The Bathmate Hydromax has been certified by the FDA. However, not all pumps are certified. The suitable, premium-grade devices are backed by scientific and physiological evidence.


Do you need lubricant to use the Hydromax pump?


There is no need to use a lubricant. But you can still use it to make the process even more enjoyable. Lubricants are excellent when you are looking to stimulate your erection just before intercourse.


Is the Hydromax pump an invasive form of treatment?


As a non-surgical tool, the pump is categorized as a noninvasive treatment. You don’t even have to ingest or inject anything while using it to produce the results. This makes the entire process harmless, healthy, and, most importantly, easy to administer.


What are the side effects of using the Hydromax pumps?


Side effects have rarely been reported, but that does not mean they don’t exist. For instance, in cases where too much pressure is applied or when the pump is used for longer than necessary, side effects such as the penis turning purple or dark blue may be reported. Likewise, excessive or improper use can reduce one’s sexual sensitivity and even causes periods of numbness. Serious side effects could vary from having temporary but severe deformity to permanent loss of penile function. Note that all these side effects are not caused by the pump itself but by how some individuals use it.


Am I the right person to use penis pumps?


Penis pumps are popular among adult men, particularly those aged 25 and above. Men from all walks of life, socioeconomic backgrounds, and religious beliefs use them. Most of them view this approach as a way to enhance their health – just as one diet and exercises frequently to keep fit.


Should I use it after surgery?


With your doctor’s approval, you can start using this toy immediately. Generally, it is safe to use the Hydromax pump 10 weeks after the surgery. You should consult your surgeon/physician before you start using any kind of suction device.


Do I recommend it?


Yes, Bathmate Hydro pumps are a very effective way to gain a firm erection and even increase your penis size. It’s your best bet if you want to avoid pills and other costly medication.

The Bathmate HydroMax is excellent for most users.