Red Horn Kratom is among rare strains, possessing quality of two strains together Maeng Da and Red vein strains. It gets the name Red Horn by the fact that the leaf tips look like a “horn” and the lower portion of leaf is similar to the “Red veined Strain”.

Red Vein Horn Kratom are also called as ‘tri-horned’ or ‘spiked leaf’ and is often described as the unpredictable strain, as the effects of the Red Horn vary drastically from person to person and may last longer.

 Uses, Effects and Dosage:

  • Horn Red Kratom works well as an analgesic, with a high concentration of useful and vital alkaloids. Hence, they are one of the best prescriptions for the chronic pain relief, producing certain sensation that could numb the pain feelings.
  • They are also used in enhancing mood and thereby reducing signs of depression. Red Vein Kratom are also the best solution to treat anxiety and bring about the feeling of peace, but again as said earlier, you need to be cautious about its dosage since they behave differently with different people.

As the strains of Red Vein Horn Kratom are proven to be very potent even in small amounts, we need to be cautious regarding its intake. It is always advisable to start with lower dosages around 1-3 grams/day because even such trace amount exhibit fantastic results. When Red Horns are used as painkillers, a dosage around 9 grams brings quicker results, but it is highly not recommended due to various side effects, and as it’s always said, “Too much of anything is good for nothing.”

What is the origin of this Red Horn strain and where do we buy it from?

The Red Horn Vein Kratom is native to many of the Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Borneo. Among these places the strains originating from Borneo are one of the best and suits the need mentioned above. The areas where these Red horn Strains are grown are limited and they are pre-traded prior to its harvest due to its great demand.

Kratom Red Vein Horn are having a higher value in the market as compared to other strains due to its distinct and effective therapeutic benefits. People familiar with the bestselling Maeng Da and Green Horned varieties of Kratom are guaranteed to fall in love with the Red Vein too. These Red Kratom strains are readily available in the form of powder or as capsules in various online stores like,, etc.

User Reviews and Alternatives:

With a numerous strain available in the present market, people are really in a dilemma to choose the right one. And the best and suggested way to proceed with the selection is to go through user’s feedback.

Here are a few of them to help you choose wisely:

  • Not many of the people in Western nations know about the benefits of Red Kratom strains. Some users admit that they love using it due to its natural analgesic properties that numb the pain throughout their body.
  • Few others say that using these Red Horn strains early morning delivers them with the energy they need for the entire day and also brings about a peaceful and comfortable state of mind.
  • Users also report that dosage is to take 3- 4 grams to achieve a euphoric effect and improvement in mood. All together Red Horn Kratom is having a positive review.

In this contemporary world, there are alternatives for each and everything that exists. Similarly, instead of using Horn Red Vein Kratom, we can also make use of White Kratom or Green Kratom. White Kratom also provides us with energy, relaxation, and a euphoric feeling at higher dosages. Likewise, Green Kratom are good at boosting energy and comes with pain killer properties.

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