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Thieves Like Us

Post-Punk Cult  Music

If you are into post-punk music, you probably know who we are and what we do. Find out more about our genre and history.

Our music has always featured unique elements – mostly electronic. We also implement influences from other genres – hip-hop, French touch, Italo disco or glam punk, among others. In fact, while we truly represent the post-punk genre, we consider ourselves to be a pop group. We are also known for our strict branding in terms of covers and music videos.

During the early days, we only had three members – Andy Grier, Pontus Berghe and Bjorn Berglund. We started fooling around – one thing led to another and we ended up producing electronic music. We self-produced everything and our popularity grew in no time. Soon after our first releases, we were discovered by Ktsune, who helped us release our initial commercial single in 2007.

Thieves  Like Us

Our band composition has changed a little over the past years. We are stronger than ever now and ready for a new tour.

teives like us

Andy Grier

Vocalist and guitarist

Andy Grier is one of the oldest members of Thieves Like Us. He is part of the bang since its early beginnings. He initially started as a guitarist, especially as the first releases were purely electronic. These days, Andy is also a vocalist.


Ramona Strummer

thieves like us france

Thomas Franklin

Bass guitar

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